Pediatric Dentist in Boynton Beach | What to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

A lifetime of healthy teeth and gums starts early. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a baby’s first dentist visit should occur within six months after their first tooth comes in. In addition, it is recommended that your child visits the dentist every six months. As a parent, choosing a dentist is important to your child’s oral health. Here is what to consider when choosing a pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach.

Do They Have a Preventative Approach?

It is important for a pediatric dentist to have a preventative approach rather than a reactive approach to your child’s oral health. A proactive pediatric dentist can recognize problems such as tooth decay and cavities before they occur. Pediatric dentists in Boynton Beach should provide fluoride treatment to repair teeth as a preventative approach. Another approach is dental sealants to prevent tooth decay.

Do They Build a Relationship with Your Family?

In addition to having a preventative approach, a pediatric dentist should build a relationship with your child and the whole family. Building a relationship with your family is essential to making a child feel comfortable at a dentist office. A relationship with the whole family allows for open communication between the patient and the dentist for the best care.

Where can I find the best pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach?

Finding a Pediatric Dentist in Boynton Beach

If you’re looking to find the best pediatric dentist for the whole family, it is important to consider these factors. Family & Implant Dentistry of Boynton Beach is the solution for the whole family. Contact us today for the best pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach. Your whole family will receive the best dental care that will last a lifetime.

Dentist in Boynton Beach | How to Incorporate Fluoride in Your Routine

Fluoride is a vital part of oral health. One of the many benefits of fluoride is how it helps prevent the process of tooth decay. It also prevents enamel deteriorating if used regularly. Here are a few ways you can incorporate fluoride into your daily routine. Also, if you are in need of a fluoride treatment, contact our dentist in Boynton Beach.

Dentist in Boynton Beach that can give me a fluoride treatment?

Fluoride Toothpaste

Next time your shopping for toothpaste, make sure fluoride is included in the toothpaste of your choice. Toothpaste with fluoride is a convenient way to add fluoride to your dental routine, all while preventing cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride Mouthwash

There’s plenty of mouthwash on the market today that contains fluoride, this is another way to protect yourself from cavities and the breakdown of enamel.

Water with Fluoride

Fluoride water is a way to reverse the damage of sugary drinks and also prevent future damage. Including fluoride in your water is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to incorporate fluoride into your daily routine. If you’re unaware of the fluoride levels in your water, your dentist can recommend fluoride drops or tablets to add to your water. They also can recommend specific high- concentrated fluoride treatments.

Contact Our Dentist in Boynton Beach

Do you need more fluoride in your daily routine? Our Boynton Beach dentist office is here to help. Our goal at Family & Implant Dentistry of Boynton Beach is to keep you comfortable while helping you maintain your oral health. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Boynton Beach to discuss sedation dentistry.

Best Dentist in Boynton Beach | Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Too many adults avoid the dentist every year. This is due to a very real fear. Dental anxiety and phobia leave thousands steering clear of the best dentist in Boynton Beach. But, there are options to ease that fear. Here is what you should know about sedation dentistry:

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help you relax. This allows for a more pleasant dental experience by calming your mind and easing your muscles. Sedation comes at different levels. Nitrous oxide is known as laughing gas and provides a light sedation. Oral conscious sedation is even stronger. Then, intravenous sedation is used to make you sleep through the treatment.

What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry isn’t only useful for more intensive procedures. You may be a candidate for sedation therapy if you suffer from dental anxiety. This is because sedation can calm your mind and body, making for a more enjoyable dental experience.

how can i not be afraid of the best dentist in boynton beach

Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

In order to determine if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, you will need to speak with your dentist. However, lower levels of sedation are fairly universal. Once you discuss all of your medical history, your dentist will recommend the best plan of action.

Are You Looking to See the Best Dentist in Boynton Beach?

Our goal at Family & Implant Dentistry of Boynton Beach is to keep you comfortable while helping you maintain your oral health. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Boynton Beach to discuss sedation dentistry.

Pediatric Dentist in Boynton Beach | Why Does My Child Need a Dentist?

Just because they’re baby teeth doesn’t mean they don’t require care! Your child’s early dental health can determine a lot about their hygiene down the line. So, here’s why you should be taking your kid to a pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach on a regular basis:

Remove Plaque

Tooth decay has become a chronic childhood illness in the United States. So, it is of the utmost importance to have your child see a dentist in the presence of the first tooth or by his or her first birthday.

Healthy Growth

Your child will grow and develop so quickly! And that includes their oral health. So, a pediatric dentist can ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw are growing properly. This can avoid future issues by treating causes for concern early.

does my kid need a pediatric dentist in boynton beach

Fluoride Treatment

As your child’s teeth grow in, they will be susceptible to damage. Enamel is an outer coating that protects the teeth. So, fluoride treatments are recommended to strengthen enamel and keep teeth resistant to damage and decay.

Establish Habits

A pediatric dentist can help teach your child how to properly care for his or her teeth! They can explain brushing and flossing in an informational and appropriate manner. They can also help you figure out the best plan of action to teaching your kid about brushing and flossing!

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Boynton Beach?

Instill great oral hygiene habits in your kids at a young age by seeing a pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach! At Family and Implant Dentistry, we want to keep your smiles bright. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Boynton Beach | How Can I Whiten My Smile?

An estimated one-third of Americans are unhappy with their smiles. But, you don’t have to be a part of that statistic! Cosmetic dentistry in Boynton Beach offers so many options for you to whiten and brighten your smile. Feel confident every time you show off your pearly whites by opting for one of these whitening methods:

What is a Professional Whitening?

A professional whitening is an in-office treatment that utilizes a powerful agent to remove discoloration. Tooth staining happens naturally over time. And, any trauma or habits, like smoking, can lead to wear and tear. If your teeth and gums are healthy overall, this can be a very effective option!

What are Veneers?

Veneers are natural-looking “shells” that are your dentist places over your natural teeth. While they are colored to look discreet, porcelain veneers are typically made white for an overall improvement. They can also offer you a straighter and more even smile!

am i a candidate for cosmetic dentistry in boynton beach

What is Dental Bonding?

If you are looking for a total smile overhaul, bonding may be an option for you! While bonding reduced the appearances of staining and discoloration, it also can repair chips and cracks, as well as close gaps and reshape teeth.

Are You Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry in Boynton Beach?

Our practice is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental care! From restorative to cosmetic dentistry, you can leave our office with a brighter and healthier set of teeth. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment, and start reaching your oral health goals!