Dental Hygiene

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To maintain optimal oral health, not only is it important to have professional dental cleanings, but also it is important to practice good dental hygiene at home.

Dr. Gorman and Dr. Weishoff recommend brushing your teeth at least twice per day as well as flossing daily to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues.

Other ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy consist of using toothpastes and mouth rinses with fluoride, both of which are available over-the-counter. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and restricting sugary snacks can also

There are additional ways to help keep teeth strong and healthy. Toothpastes and mouth rinses with fluoride are available over-the-counter. Eating a balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks can also support good oral health.

When you can, drink a glass of water after meals to help wash away sugars from foods and drinks. If something you consume contains acids, such as sodas or candies, wait half an hour before brushing to allow your saliva time to subdue the acids and protect your teeth.

Practicing healthy dental hygiene habits can keep your teeth strong and beautiful. If you have any questions concerning your current dental hygiene routine, please contact us.