18 Jul 2018
Who is the Best Dentist in Boynton Beach ?

Making you oral health a priority will not only benefit your smile but your overall health and well-being as well. Neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to serious dental issues and sometimes even contribute to fatal general health issues. Below are three simple steps for a healthier smile! If you are in search for the…

13 Jul 2018
Where can I find the best Boynton Beach Dental Care?

Maintaining a healthy smile is more than just having cavity-free teeth. Taking care of your gums is just as important in order to maintain excellent oral health. Neglecting our gums can lead to irritation and increase the risk for gum disease. Follow these five tips for healthy gums and visit a dentist regularly for Boynton…

05 Jul 2018
Where can I find the best pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach?

It’s no secret that oral health directly affects an individual’s overall health. Helping your child develop excellent oral health habits can go a long way in keeping cavities away and helping them live a healthy lifestyle. Here are three oral health tips from a pediatric dentist in Boynton Beach to keep your little one’s teeth…

27 Jun 2018
Where can I find the best dentist in Boynton Beach?

Alcohol is present in many social situations and events, especially during summer holidays. While the occasional drink may not have serious consequences, consuming alcohol frequently can affect your oral and overall health. Visiting a dentist in Boynton Beach and knowing what alcohol does to your oral health can help your smile stay white and healthy….

09 May 2018
Where can I find the best all on four implants in Boynton Beach?

Dental implants are one of the best advancements in recent dental technology. Simply put, a dental implant replaces a tooth using a titanium screw that is anchored in the jawbone. Then, a false tooth is placed on the implant screw. This gives you a full smile and stimulates the growth of your jawbone. All on…

03 May 2018
Where can I find the best dental implants in Boynton Beach?

Dental implants are one of the most popular smile restoration options available today. Although you may have heard of dental implants, you may still have questions. Here is a break down of dental implants in Boynton Beach to better understand how they can help your smile. What Are Dental Implants In essence, dental implants are…

27 Apr 2018
Where can I find the best Boynton Beach Dental Care ?

A toothache can be extremely painful. However, it can also be a sign of a serious dental issue. If your tooth is aching, you could very well have an infected tooth. Here are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to infected teeth. If you are in need of Boynton Beach…

26 Apr 2018
Where can I find the best Boynton Beach Dental Care?

It’s common knowledge that flossing is a crucial part of achieving optimum oral health. However, many adults still neglect this important step in their oral hygiene routine. Having good oral health goes hand in hand with your overall health, and flossing plays an important role. Here are three reasons why flossing is so important. For…

23 Mar 2018
Where can I get Invisalign in Boynton beach?

With the invention of alternative orthodontic methods such as Invisalign, gone are the days where the only option when it came to straightening your teeth were hunks of metal in your mouth. In addition to the fact that Invisalign is nearly invisible, it also has many other benefits over traditional braces. Let’s take a look…

16 Mar 2018
Where can I get dental implants in Boynton beach?

For people that have missing or damaged teeth, dental implants can be a great way to restore their smile. There are two main types of implants and your dentist or surgeon will likely recommend one to you. Let’s take a look at the two different types of dental implants in Boynton Beach. Endosteal Implants Endosteal…