28 Mar 2019
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The best dentist Boynton Beach would screen you for oral cancer during your routine dental visit. His goal is to look for signs of precancerous conditions with the goal of identifying oral cancer early when there’s a greater chance for a cure.

What Is Oral Cancer?

It’s a disease that occurs in the oral cavity or the oropharynx. Most of its incidents start in the flat squamous cells that are all over the surfaces of your mouth, tongue, and lips. These cells are referred to as squamous cell carcinomas.

Which Parts Does Oral Cancer Affect?

The usual areas that the Best Dentist Boynton Beach looks into are the parts of your oral cavity which are the lips, the insides of the lips, the floor and roof of the mouth, cheeks, gums, teeth, and the front two-thirds of the tongue. Furthermore, he’ll check your oropharynx and its components which include the middle region of your throat, the base of your tongue, and your tonsils.

What are its Symptoms?

The usual symptoms include patches of red and white in or behind the mouth, difficulty swallowing, obvious change in the mouth tissue, unexplained fullness in neck, change in the fit of dentures, unexplained lumps in the throat, neck or floor of the mouth, a change in the bite or the way the teeth fit together when the mouth is closed, pain or tenderness in the mouth or lips,

Who are at Risk of Developing Oral Cancer?

Those who smoke, chew or snuff tobacco are six times more likely to have oral cancer. In fact, out of 10 oral cancer patients, 8 are smokers. Furthermore, those who consume large amounts of alcohol are also at risk, whether or not they smoke tobacco. According to research, 80% of those who were diagnosed with oral cancer are heavy alcohol drinkers. Lastly, those who have a history of oral human papillomavirus infections are likely to develop the disease even if they’re not smokers or drinkers.

How is it Treated?

This is first treated with surgery. Radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy may also be recommended after the surgery is performed.

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