20 Dec 2018
how can i get clear choice implants in boynton beach?

Your teeth should be shown with confidence every day! That’s why we are your best dental implant experts for you. This is the perfect solution to fix missing or cracked teeth. Let’s keep reading for more information about Clear Choice implants in Boynton Beach!



In the first place, dental implants provide the foundational support for artificial teeth. Depending on the nature of your condition, this is where we determine which implant method is best for you.

Therefore, here are the different types:




  • placed directly on the jawbone
  • implant head is exposed
  • gum tissue requires stitching



  • involves anchoring a longer implant on the jawbone



  • involves placing the implant in the jawbone




Moreover, dental implants require precise planning before actual placement. Implant specialists will analyze your teeth and mouth and adjust accordingly to suit your implant. Afterward, a hole will be drilled and widened over the implant screw. Then, the gum tissue is placed over the implant to allow for proper implant-jawbone integration.

Furthermore, we will attach an abutment six months after healing. This part holds the crown or artificial tooth in place. A temporary crown is placed on top in order for your mouth to naturally adjust to the implant. Lastly, a permanent crown is put in place and you will have long-lasting dental implants!

who can help me with clear choice implants in boynton beach?


Are You Looking for Clear Choice Implants in Boynton Beach?

All in all, we know that getting the perfect smile is important to you. Our implant specialists will bridge the gap on the path to smiling like never before. Contact us today to learn more!

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